Happy Bikes Quick Guide

Happy Bikes Quick Guide

A Happy Bikes balance bike is an ideal first bike for young toddlers and children starting out on their 2 wheels adventure, please read on to learn more on assembly details in our quick guide.

Happy Bikes Arrive 90% Assembled

The first job will be to take off the protective cardboard and bubble wrap. You will need just 2 hex key tools to complete the bike assembly and guess what? Just like IKEA we include the tools right inside the box (you’ll find them wrapped to the handlebars).


1) Fit The Saddle

Insert the saddle into the frame and adjust to your toddlers inseam plus 2cm and tighten with the included hex key.seat-guide

Once sat on the saddle your child will need to have both feet flat on the floor to feel comfortable and ride safely.

Balance Bikes by Happy Bikes
Happy Bikes Balance Bikes are suitable for young kids a minimum inseam of 42cm

2) Fit The Handlebars

Insert the handlebars into the headset and tighten with the included hex key. Adjust the height with your child sat on the bike.


Once your child is sitting comfortably, allow them to raise up their hands to the handlebars, they should not stretch up or be reaching down.

Balance Bikes by Happy Bikes
Have your child sit on the bike and adjust the height of the handlebars.

Tighten the handlebars with the hex key and ensure front wheel is pointing straight.

3) Pump The Tyres.

We pump the chunky pneumatic tyres before the bikes are sent to our customers, occasionally you will need to top up to a recommended 35psi or a good squeeze with thumb and forefinger.

Our bikes have an extra safety feature of rounded nuts, to protect against possible snagging on the young riders clothing.


Ding Ding Colour Coded Bell Included

Your Happy Bike arrives with a colour coded bell and hand stiched vinyl grips.