Happy Bikes FAQs

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What is a Happy Bikes Balance Bike?

Happy Bikes balance bikes are an ideal first bike for toddlers and young children 2.5-y-o to 6-y-o with a minimum height of 90 cm to around 110 cm.

Taylor Balance Bike by Happy Bikes
Balance Bike by Happy Bikes suitable for Kids 2.5 – 6 years old.

Where Are The Pedals?

Balance bikes a super fun way to teach young children the fundamentals of balance and steering without the added complication of pedals and training wheels, the young riders simply push themselves along and stop with their feet.

Bailey Balance Bike by Happy Bikes

How much to Happy Bikes Balance Bikes Weigh?

Our bikes weigh 4.9kg, our bikes are the closest thing to a traditional children’s bike, other bikes may weigh less and are closer to being a toy, not a real bike.

What is the difference between a balance bike and a running bike?

“Balance bikes”, “running bikes” and “push bikes” all refer to the same thing: bicyles without pedals or training wheels, which have proven to be the best first bike for young children just learning to ride.

What is the minimum and maximum age to ride a Happy Bikes balance bike?

All kids  and babies are different right? We have toddlers as young as 2 riding our balance bikes 🙂 however, age is not the deciding factor its size. We say kids who are confident and active on their feet, between the heights of 90cm – 110cm will suit our balance bikes.

Older children with no bicycle experience may also enjoy learning to ride on a balance bike.


How high should the saddle be?

Our balance bikes are designed to fit young children and toddlers with a minimum inseam of 42cm, we recommend adjusting the saddle to approximately 2cm above the little riders inseam. Before the child rides off for the first time, ensure they can place both feet flat on the floor, this will indicate that the little rider is comfortable and ready to start riding.

Balance Bikes by Happy Bikes

How do you ride a balance bike?

Teaching a young child to ride a balance is a simple as getting them comfy on the saddle, with both feet securely on the floor and ask them to start walking. After a short while they will gain confidence and increase their speed and time gliding (lifting their feet off the ground). Take a moment to watch this great short video from the folks at Cycling UK.

How long will it take my child to learn balance using the balance bike method?

It truly varies per child. Some children figure it out in only an hour, while others may take a few days. Either way children have fun while they’re learning and they continue to enjoy riding their trainers long after they switched to a standard bicycle.

Are there any advantages to metal vs. wooden balance bikes?

We believe that metal bikes are much more durable and practical and will last a long time from the energetic use by young riders, wooden bikes are more prone to damage.

Do we have to assemble the bikes ourselves?

Your Happy Bike Balance Bike arrives 90% assembled with 2 wheels attached all you need to do is the following.

First place the handlebars in the slot and tighten with the included hex key.

Secondly adjust the height of the saddle your kids inseam plus 2cm and tighten with the included hex key.

2 x Hex (Allen) Keys are included inside the box of your Happy Bike.

Head over to our Quick Guide to Assembly Page.

Happy Bikes Balance Bike Box

Do you sell spare parts for the Happy Bike?

We have limited stocks of cream tyres and inner tubes, please email is directly hello@lovehappybikes.com

Why don’t you use turning limiters, which limit your child’s ability to steer and turn?

For safety reasons, Happy Bikes do not include that feature. When your child is learning to ride a bike, they should learn all skills, especially steering. They should learn to steer properly when their feet are at their sides and they can prevent a spill or fall.

Will the bike require maintenance or servicing?

Due to the simple nature of the Happy Bikes balance bike, they require very little maintenance, in fact the only component that will occasionally require attention will be the pneumatic tyres.

When can we switch to a pedal bike?

This will depend on how your little rider is understanding the basics of riding a bike i.e. balance and steering, we estimate use of balance bike for 1-2 years will ensure the young rider has the minimum skills to progress on to the larger pedal bike.