4 Reasons to Ride Balance Bikes

1) Balance Bikes An Ideal Training Bike.

Balance bikes, simply put, are an ideal first kids bicycle, they help teach children the basic skills of riding a bicycle. Designed to teach toddlers and young children the art of balance and steering on two wheels, the young riders simply sit on the bike, walk and then run by pushing themselves along and stopping with their feet.

Happy Bikes Balance Bikes
Balance Bikes – The Perfect Bike For Learning To Ride

2) Learn Balance and Steering.

Having no pedals, chain or drivetrain, most children find riding balance bikes as easy as walking, making the bike a valuable learning tool. Once the fundamentals of steering and balance are mastered, in theory, transitioning to pedal bikes should be relatively straightforward.

3) Skip The Training Wheels.

When a young child is learning to ride a bicycle with training wheels, their knowledge of balancing improves at a slower rate, with the training wheels supporting the bike and rider, the child is not really learning to balance at all.

A balance bike is just the easiest way for a child to learn how to ride a bike. Young children who ride balance bikes generally progress to riding traditional pedal bikes sooner and independently of training wheels.

4) Confidence Building Balance Bikes.

Starting out on a balance bike, your toddler will develop coordination, balance, and confidence due to their feet being in constant contact with the ground. As the children are learning to ride, they are allowed to experience the feeling of how steering a bike will affect its balance.

Happy Bikes Balance Bikes
Balance Bikes – A Confidence Building Bike For Learning To Ride

Happy Bikes Balance Bikes

Happy Bikes Balance Bikes
Happy Bikes a beautiful range of unisex Balance Bikes for style savvy young riders

Here at Happy Bikes we produce our bikes with a classic steel frame, making for a stable, tough and elegant balance bike, allowing both the novice and experienced riders to buzz around like a pro.

Along with matching brown vinyl grips and cushioned seat, our Happy Bikes arrive with 12” pneumatic tyres, giving the style conscious young riders a comfortable and head turning ride around the urban jungle.

Guide to Happy Bikes Balance Bikes

We have compiled a comprehensive FAQs section on Happy Bikes Balance Bikes, including sizing, age recommendations and assembly of the bike.

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